Ribbon Microphone,microphone ribbon microphone,microphone ribbon,ribbon microphone,microphone,recording microphone,Ribbon Microphone RM9| AYM AUDIO,microphone ribbon microphone,microphone ribbon, recording microphone,RM9 is a classical ribbon recording microphone which has a unique appearance, it utilises the exact complete electronic circuit design,with-10db attenuation and low cut switch on the body, the microphone has high sensitivity, low noise, no distortion, wide frequency response, fast transient response.,Ribbon Microphone,ribbon microphone,microphone ribbon microphone,microphone ribbon,microphone,Ribbon Microphone RM5 | AYM AUDIO,ribbon microphone,microphone,recording microphone,RM5 is a classical ribbon recording microphone, which utilises pure aluminum foil with 62mmlength and 0002mm thickness. With vivid and nature sound and fast transient response.

Microphone Combination Packages

combination packages
Microphone Combination Packages
Microphone Combination Packages
Our condenser microphone adopts PCB with high-quality components and gold-plated large diaphragm capsule internally. It has the features of good cardioid polar pattern, high-sensitivity output,low noise and wide dynamic range, etc.It is widely used for studio recording, broadcasting,stage performance, post-production of film and television works, and home recording, etc.
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