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Active Monitor Speaker

studio monitor speaker
Active Monitor Speaker
The MICE M-500 active speaker is used for recording post-production and remix,and is the reference level of monitoring speakers.The appearance of the M500 has been improved to suit its excellent performance,to restore sound as closely as possible.


Physical parameter
Type: Three way active apeaker
Body material:18mm mdf
Frequency response-10db:26hz-21khz
Woofer:1*12″long strock paper cone
Midrange:6.5″paper cone
Tweeter:1.0″silk dome
Crossover frequency:200hz/2500hz
Woofer max output:1000w/4Ω
Mid/high max output:400w/4Ω
Dynamic range:>110db
Input:balanced and unbalanced

Technical parameters
Frequency response: 26HZ-21KHZ
Maximum sound pressure:>127dB
Frequency division way: The bass is connected to the middle tone as the electronic divider,Frequency division point 200HZ,Medium-high intemal passive frequency division,Frequency division point 2500.
Bass channel power output maximum:1000OW/40hms
The medium-high channel power output maximum:400W/40hms
Total harmonic distortion:<0.04%Dynamic range: >110dB
Audio input: Balanced and unbalanced mock ports